As I’m getting ready to move and downsize I thought I would offer these up to family members as they have family connections. If no one wants them I’m not sure I’ll have room for them and I’ve already tried to give them to my own kids. If anyone wants these, let me know soon and we’ll arrange something.

I’m sure all the original Pischel kids will remember this book case. We’ve had since before I can remember so I’m not sure how old it is. It was next on my list of things to refinish as it does need to be stripped and varnished. I was going to refinish it to match the hutch I did (see the Shanlian section below). The false back would be great for hiding a compartment (if there’s not one already there).

This is straight from the garage of Grandma Shanlian, also known as Audrey. It’s been stripped and refinished and new hardware put on. The bottom drawer still needs some work but is passible. (Awesome 13 channel TV and VCR not included.)

These are just mine and I wondered if anyone wanted them. The hutch and table are a set but unfortunately one the chairs is gone and one of the remaining 3 is broken. The bench is from another set but matches pretty close. Hutch has pull out extension and there are lights in the main top sections.


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